So you know food waste is costing you, our farmers and the environment, but you’re sick of being spoon fed solutions that are good in theory, but don’t work when shit gets real.

Enter Youth Food Movement Australia’s SpoonLed series, food waste advice from young people like yourself. We’re thinking outside to box to bring you the best solutions that actually work and are freakin’ delicious, from our mates and Sydney & Parramatta events. Read on to give food waste the flip.

Most articles about food waste show how an individual can make a difference in their own kitchens (we’ve got a fair few ideas ourselves). However, considering the size of the food waste problem individuals acting in isolation isn’t cutting the mustard. We need a revolution, a Marvel-worthy movement of cape clad food savers who are ready to give food the respect it deserves and kick food waste butt. That means starting new conversations with your friends. But it also means getting creative in our approach to food by starting new traditions and embracing your inner food superhero.

So, what does that look like? Let’s set the scene.


A woman in her work gear is moulding mashed potatoes into patties while her friend stands next to her and chops carrot tops and spring onions into the mixing bowl. The doorbell rings and an unseen housemate yells, “I’ll get it.” A bearded guy walks in with his bike helmet in one hand and pulls out a paper bag of stale bread with the other.

Each of them wears a cape. This is no ordinary party.


Five friends squish around the table. The table is laden with mismatched cutlery and plates of food. Steam rises off the potato, herb and parmesan patties, and the Panzanella salad made from stale bread smells of fresh onion and sweet tomato. A bowl of stewed beans and bacon sits in the middle with beads of olive oil bobbing on top.

This is no ordinary spread.
This is where Captain Planet meets Masterchef mystery box challenge.

It’s a party that kicks food waste butt using CPR (that’s Culinary Produce Resuscitation). The ingredients are crowdsourced and your friends have turned up with food that needs rescuing from their fridges and pantries. That stale bread is safe, and justice is served. And you haven’t just shared tomatoes. You’ve combined superpowers too (aka sweet cooking hacks).

SpoonLed TeaSpoon events

But not all your mates are confident enough in the kitchen to turn hummus into fritters or carrot tops into tabbouli. “It’s okay, let’s unearth the capes and capers and throw a pizza Cookluck,” you say. Together, you bust open the traditional definition of a pizza and create something Marvel-ous with that wilting spinach you both thought was bin-worthy.

Saving the world starts by saving food and never forget, Clark had Lois, Hercules had Iolaus and Daenerys has Jorah and Daario Naharis; being a superhero means bringing your mates to the table and having their back. While 18-24 year olds are amongst the most wasteful, we can also make the biggest difference.

Show the world how you and your friends are giving food waste the flip with #SpoonLed.

Still dusting off that cape? Here’s an online collection of food saving hacks from fellow superheroes to get you flying.

If you’re already a high flyer, we’ve also got plenty of advice for running your own revolutionary food saving get-together

Image & video by Kit Baker

Helena Rosebery