As a volunteer based organisation, the Youth Food Movement team hails from culturally and professionally diverse backgrounds.
Our team comprises of tech innovation leaders, hospitality operators, native food scientists, goat farmers, event organisers, digital advertisers, nutritionists, university researchers and lecturers, food security experts, illustrators, food manufacturing & export consultants, interactive designers, urban agriculturists, anthropologists and policy writers. With such a well-rounded and experienced group, the YFM team is continually at the core of key issues concerning the Australian food system.

We’re also looking for more fabulous humans to join our team, so check out our job openings here!

National Leadership Team

Briana Ellis

National Leadership Team

Tell us a bit about you! So I guess you want me to taco bout myself. My name is Briana (/Bee) and I love food. My family has a small food manufacturing business so I’ve sort of grown up stuffing hibiscus flowers in bottles

Ally Veneris

National Leadership Team

Tell us a bit about you! I was born and raised in Colorado, USA, and moved to Melbourne in 2017. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and baking, but it wasn’t until graduate school in New York City that I became specifically interested in food systems

Jess Gardner

National Leadership Team

Tell us a bit about you! I’m a country kid at heart, having grown up on the Mid-North Coast of NSW in the stunningly gorgeous Manning Valley. I have a deeply passionate relationship with food (duh), plants, and science.

Ryville Ochoa

National Leadership Team

Tell us a bit about you! I live, breathe and work in digital – I had a printer at home before anyone else in my school, I pieced computers together in primary school, I built websites instead of doing my homework in high school. Such nerd. A former

Adelaide Coordinators

Karri Nott

Adelaide Coordinator

Tell us a bit about you! Having always grown up with a veggie garden and a love of good food, I am incredibly passionate about food sustainability and strongly believe that many of our environmental issues can be tackled

Brisbane Coordinators

Hayleigh Dawson

Brisbane Coordinator

Tell us a bit about you! Picture the love child of a Foodie and a Farmer….. and here I am! Growing up in a family with a strong history of family farming, I have always had a passion for agriculture and food systems.

Laura Oakley

Brisbane Coordinator

Tell us a bit about you! I grew up on the southside of Brisbane, with a deep love for anything involving water. I spend my free-time at the beach, or in a pool, or chasing waterfalls. I’m an avid reader, traveller and of course, foodie.

Melbourne Coordinators

Sydney Coordinators


Alexandra Iljadica

Chairman + Co-founder

Tell us a bit about you! When I was at uni studying nutrition I took this one subject that taught me story of food before it gets to your plate. Things like logistics systems, trade agreements, production methods. My mind exploded

Mark Thomas

Board Director

Mark is a consultant who works with businesses and individuals to help them to excel. Often working with start-ups, and entities that have fallen on hard times, he guides them to rationalize their strategic objectives

Amanda Hicks

Board Director

Amanda is a global expert in food manufacturing and distribution with over 30 years of experience in the food industry. Formerly the CEO of Australia’s largest hi-tech food manufacturing company Auto Bake

Alecia Wood

Board Director

Tell us a bit about you! I’m a food-obsessed journalist and content consultant, with broad experience in digital marketing and communications campaigns for brands and organizations.