Tell us a bit about you!

  • I live, breathe and work in digital – I had a printer at home before anyone else in my school, I pieced computers together in primary school, I built websites instead of doing my homework in high school. Such nerd.
  • A former perfectionist who dreams in lists, writes in bullet points and carries a red pen always. (Ok, not former.)
  • I grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney; migrated from the Philippines 28 years ago.

Why YFM?

Disillusioned from working in the corporate world, I sought meaning in social initiatives. I took a fellowship in Kolkata India, immersing myself into community work in the slums. On my trip and back home I saw the potential of food as a vehicle for connecting and spiritually nourishing people. I volunteered for various food non-profits, then applied for YFM’s Upstart program in 2017. What I’ve gained since has been truly exquisite – a community of engaged, eclectic, unapologetic, food-enlightened young people who want to learn stuff, shake up the food system and just hang out.

Last meal you would eat before the apocalypse?

My partner’s Tahitian lime cheesecake or my great uncle’s homegrown guava jam on toasted homemade sourdough. I truly hope they still have sweets in the post-apocalypse.