Mark is a consultant who works with businesses and individuals to help them to excel. Often working with start-ups, and entities that have fallen on hard times, he guides them to rationalize their strategic objectives and he gives them focus on those priorities that will help them to achieve their goals. Before commencing his consulting business, Mark worked for 25 years in the Financial sector, with 10 years in senior management, and before entering finance he enjoyed a career in engineering. In his spare time Mark is the Treasurer on four not-for-profit boards, a blogger, a lecturer at Western Sydney University and for a finance industry body; he is a competitive rower and runner, and often is confounded by his two teenage children.

If you were a vegetable or herb what would you be, and why?

Potato, because it’s so versatile.

What advice would you give your 20-year old self about life?

Swing the bat.

What is it about YFM that made you say YES to being on the board.

I came at it from the economic perspective. I had been looking for a way to change community attitudes towards food for several years, as I passionately believe we waste too much food, both through disposal and consumption, while too many people go hungry each day. Although my vision was clear I was unable to find a profitable model to execute on that vision. Youth Food Movement had solved the economic problem of getting the message into the community and I jumped at the opportunity to join.

It’s your last day on earth, what would the setting of your last meal be and what would you eat and/or drink?

Sitting atop Pumori, in Nepal, surrounded by the world’s tallest mountains, eating spaghetti carbonara with extra paprika and chilli, drinking Louis Roederer Cristal. This combination is not possible and the altitude would mean I wouldn’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as I would at sea level, but I can fantasise.