Tell us a bit about you!

Having always grown up with a veggie garden and a love of good food, I am incredibly passionate about food sustainability and strongly believe that many of our environmental issues can be tackled through changes to the way we approach food and our food systems.

After graduating high school, I started volunteering for a local organic market garden and completely fell in love with veggies and farming. In 2017 I spent a year working on organic farms overseas to gain more experience and to understand more deeply the environmental effects of food production. In 2018 I took up a casual farmhand position and began studying a Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Management at the University of Adelaide.

In 2018, myself and a friend started up an urban dairy goat collective where we share goats with five other families. Animal husbandry has been a massive learning curve in my farming journey and having a constant source of goat love and chèvre is the best thing ever.

Why YFM? Why should other people join YFM?

When I started studying I no longer found myself having the kind of conversations I did when working on farms. The lack of a food loving community in my daily student life led me to YFM and joining the first Adelaide chapter through Upstart. I knew that there had to be other people in Adelaide that were passionate about the big issues our food systems face and YFM brings these people together. The energetic and inspiring community that YFM has already created is safe space were young people can engage with food issues and gain the knowledge and skills needed to make real change.

Your fave food memory?

A lunch in a makeshift kitchen in the corner of a barn at a farm in Oxfordshire that consisted of tabbouleh, zucchini fritters, homemade tomato chutney and a veggie quiche with rough puff pastry we made the night before. As we began lunch, people from the farm entered the kitchen one by one so we invited them to join us and the tiny kitchen was bustling with the kind of cheery farmhouse atmosphere that makes your heart sing.

Last meal you’d eat before the apocalypse?

I would love to say it would be some kind of exquisite home cooked meal but after giving this question great thought I’m going to go with a BBC and salt and pepper eggplant at Ying Chow in Adelaide. Or anything with Potato. I hope there are still potatoes in the apocalypse.