Tell us a bit about you!

Picture the love child of a Foodie and a Farmer….. and here I am!

Growing up in a family with a strong history of family farming, I have always had a passion for agriculture and food systems. Weekends are spent cooking up a storm in the kitchen and experimenting with recipes and ingredients then proceeding to force friends, family & work colleagues to be unofficial taste testers. I completed a Bachelor in Agribusiness and Bachelor in Applied Science in 2016 with aspirations to advocate for Australian farmers as this has always been where my passion lies. I grew up within the dairy industry, majored in livestock production at Uni & now work in the Fresh Produce Industry as a National Supply & Product Development Manager for the ever so TASTY tropical fruit category! I am currently completing my MBA and am fortunate enough to work with a number of inspiring Australian farming families and create a food system I believe in through my role. I believe we are about to experience dramatic transformation of our food systems over the next 10-20 years and this is an exciting time to be a young individual working within the industry and driving positive changes to ensure long-term sustainability for all stakeholders – from farm to fork.

Why did you join YFM? Why should other people join YFM?

YFM offers me the perfect opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals and be at the forefront of consumer demands and shifts in food-system trends. The YFM crew is a talented bunch of individuals with varying backgrounds and exposure to food systems so it is a great resource to bounce ideas and discuss relevant topics with. More importantly, YFM is PASSIONATE and ENTHUSIATIC about the future of food and I think that is so important as we undergo changes in food systems such as the rise of Tech, the decline of home-cooked meals and the longing for a connection to our food source. The YFM team is a supportive environment where individuals can voice their concerns and be apart of the greater food community.

Favourite food memory?

I am not sure if my favourite food memory should be the time I lit the kitchen on fire (we have all been there #amiright) or that day I ate 10 plates at sushi train- I call it “Wednesday”. I think it has to be scooping the cream off the fresh milk to drink on grandads dairy farm from when I was 3 years old to the day he closed down due to the deregulation of the industry. This memory is bittersweet but something I treasure very closely as I understand many children will never get to taste fresh milk prior to processing due to the decline in Australian dairy farms and distance between consumers and their food sources.

Last meal you would eat before the apocalypse?

Save the meal, just give me a Skybury Papaya Smoothie…or 12!

So I bet you have never even thought of a Papaya Smoothie? Turns out they are AMAZING!!!! I was first introduced to a Skybury Papaya Smoothie when visiting one of the farmers I worked for (MUST GO VISIT). All you need is a papaya, icecream and a half-decent blender, whiz it all together and PREPARE YOUR TASTEBUDS TO BE TANTELIZED. But seriously, these are so delicious and a definite crowd pleaser, plus the nutritional benefits of the papaya are sure to help me outlive the apocalypse!