Tell us a bit about you!

So I guess you want me to taco bout myself. My name is Briana (/Bee) and I love food. My family has a small food manufacturing business so I’ve sort of grown up stuffing hibiscus flowers in bottles and relishing (hey I didn’t mean to make that pun this time!) beetroot season for the next batch of finishing vinegar. I have a background in anthropology and wrote my honours thesis on food sovereignty. I am fascinated by how food, culture and community intersect. In recent years I’ve worked in the community relations and higher education sectors and am excited by the growing movement of social enterprises.

Why YFM?

If you are lucky, you will stumble across a handful of truly special people and communities in your lifetime. Without a doubt, YFM fits this category for me. It is the perfect combination of humble and headstrong with its mission, nurturing young people while never losing sight of the larger vision of a fairer food system.

Before every meeting, YFM vollies have a big cookup and share a meal together. When I’ve had a busy week, these are the moments I savour. With YFM, you’re not just joining another organisation to chuck on your CV (though what a brilliant one it is – your event management skills will skyrocket) you’re joining a family of food nerds who are thoughtful and inspiring.

Last meal you’d eat before the apocalypse?

I’d continue the monthly ritual with my brother and try a new burger place to find the ultimate hot chip, then swing past my parents for a homemade lemon tart. Any meal with the fam and some mates sounds pretty good tbh <3