Tell us a bit about you!

I was born and raised in Colorado, USA, and moved to Melbourne in 2017. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and baking, but it wasn’t until graduate school in New York City that I became specifically interested in food systems within cities. I studied Urban Policy, and did research and took classes on food security in cities, food policy, and urban agriculture. 

Why YFM?

I joined YFM to, quite simply, learn more about food systems in Australia and to meet people. I did both through Upstart Session 2, was a Melbourne Chapter Coordinator for a year, and now have the amazing opportunity to be a part of the National Leadership Team. I am really excited to now engage with the YFM community on a deeper level. I am constantly in awe of other YFMers, their knowledge, and their passion for food, and I am so happy I get to continue to learn from them all.

Last meal you would eat before the apocalypse?

My mom’s pork green chilli, with some sharp cheddar cheese melted on top and a warm tortilla. Nothing better.