Tell us a bit about you!

When I was at uni studying nutrition I took this one subject that taught me story of food before it gets to your plate. Things like logistics systems, trade agreements, production methods. My mind exploded and I started pestering my lecturer with so many questions that she couldn’t answer them. So I started YFM to find people who would answer my questions, and haven’t really stopped asking since.

Apart from being more than slightly obsessed with food and agriculture, I also like laughing at my own jokes, going really fast in my car or on my motorbike and letting my cat sit on my keyboard while I try and work.

Why YFM?

In the not too distant future, it’s going to be our job to feed everyone living in this beautiful country of ours. And if we’re not doing the growing or the selling, we’ll be starting food businesses, we’ll be running sustainability programs, we’ll be writing policy, at and the most basic level we’ll be cooking for our friends and families. And to do these jobs well, we’ve gotta take the good stuff from the past and mix it together with the wild ideas we have for doing things different. And that’s exactly where YFM comes in!

Favourite food memory?

It would probably have to be the annual family feast I have in Croatia with my in-laws. Everything apart from the salt on the table is made in house, even the vinegar and olive oil! Uncle Mile is a shepherd so will slaughter a lamb for the occasion, which we’ll enjoy with home-made prsut (Croatian for prosciutto), hard cheese made from sheep and goat milk and a tomato and cucumber salad picked 30 seconds before serving. While it’s not special to most people at the table, because it is so close to their everyday dinner, it’s pretty damn different from any meal I have at home in Sydney!

Last meal you would eat before you die?

Anything with sesame seeds! I’m talking, tahini, goma-dare (Japanese sesame dressing) a sesame bagel, halva, heck even a packet of sesame snaps!