Spring is here so give a cheer – we’re celebrating not only the warmer weather and flowers EVERYWHERE but also…books! Because there’s no better way to spend a day than by stretching out with a book in the sunshine. So get comfortable and peruse our top picks for cookbooks to gardening inspo and everything in between.


The Village
Matt + Lentil Purbrick

The second book from the legends over at Grown and Gathered, this book equips and guides you through the skills to grow, prepare and share wholesome food with an emphasis on doing so in a community environment. Invite your friends, your family, your neighbours – your village! – and get sharing all the heart-warmy and good food feels.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
Samin Nosrat

A sublime sensory expedition like no other, Nosrat takes you through the mastery of flavour by balancing the four elements of, you guessed it; salt, fat, acid and heat. Understand the how and why behind each of these elements and you will be well on your way to kitchen wizard status.

Sticky Fingers, Green Thumb
Haylee McKee

Effectively a cake book that has wandered into the garden on a fairytale adventure, this book is filled with all sorts of whimsical dreamy bakes. From flower infused bicky’s to cakes that hero veggies(!), there are even handy gardening tips on growing the various plants to then use in the kitchen.

Milkwood Cover


The Call of the Reed Warbler
Charles Massey

An extensive look at the current agricultural system here in Australia and the need for a shift in practice and mindset to one that is regenerative. Using examples from farms across Australia Massy, a farmer himself, builds up a refreshingly positive picture of the future of agriculture. Have some tissues handy for the heartwarming tales of positive change of landscapes and farmers.

Dark Emu
Bruce Pascoe

This book should be on the reading list of every Australian (most of the YFM crew had this as their top read!) for good reason. Pascoe, a Bunurong man, takes you through incredibly detailed historical evidence that documents complex Indigenous agricultural systems, from detoxifying food preparation methods to extensive aquaculture systems! An eye-opening book helping to rewrite our precolonial history.

Milkwood – Real skills for down to earth living
Kristen Bradley + Nick Ritar

With chapters on natural beekeeping, mushroom cultivation, foraging and more this book makes us want to get out and get dirty with all the good things of nature. Did we mention they also have a chapter dedicated to growing the best drool-worthy tomatoes ever?! Get your nonna on and get planting!


The Handmade Loaf
Dan Lepard

Diving deep into the world of gluten and doughy deliciousness, Lepard takes you through the science and history of sourdough, exploring the triumphs and pitfalls of turning grain and water into the thing we know as sourdough. Complete with recipes to try your own hand at making the toast (from scratch, pre-toast!) to your smashed avo.

First Bite: How we learnt to eat
Bee Wilson

Well, how did we? Take a read to discover the multitude of factors that influence our food preferences, from environmental to social, and how we can shake them up to form healthy and happy food habits for all.


The Art of Frugal Hedonism
Adam Grubb + Annie Raser Rowland

Not quite a food book but a fab how-to-live-simply-in-an-uncomplicated-way book. Filled with pearls of wisdom like “Don’t be a snooty bum-bum” and “Have a good ol’ peasant time” Grubb and Raser Rowlands book will leave you giggling but also with an empowered mind full of ideas.

Megan Hounslow