So you know food waste sucks, but you’re sick of spoon fed solutions that don’t work out when shit gets real. Enter the new social workshop series SpoonLed. Get empowered to lead the change with friends, and eat by example in your own creative way.


Food waste costs you, our farmers and our environment. Australian households waste over $1000 each on food a year, filling up almost half our bins. Globally, if the greenhouse gas emissions from food waste was a country, it’d be the third biggest contributor to climate change.


Gen-Y (18-30) we’re lookin’ at’choo. Turns out we’re one of the biggest food wasters in Australia, so we’re setting out to Do Something About It, Dammit. Join us and show us your #spoonled solutions on social.

SpoonLed included an unprecedented workshop series that combined food saving hacks with leadership.

Each of our one-day events empowered young people to see food waste in creative new ways, giving food the respect it deserves. SpoonLeaders emerged seeing food scraps in a whole new light, while digging into an amazing lunch by Two Good Co, snacking on "rescued" treats from Hidden Harvest, and sippin amazing foraged drinks from Trolley'd.

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