When life hands you leftovers, make an app. At least, that’s what Rumman Islam did when he ran out of freezer space. His new app Foodski (download links for Android and iPhone) connects people who have too much food with people in their neighbourhoods who’d happily nom it down. We always get a little nerdily excited meeting fellow young Australians passionate about solving the food waste problem in positive ways. So we had a quick chat to Rumman about how it all came about, and some of the surprises along the way.

What was it that led you to create Foodski? 

I’ve been passionate about sustainability since the good ol’ Captain Planet days. Having said that, wasting food has always been (regrettably) a big part of my life, whether it be through myself, my family or through my friends. I asked myself one day, “What would Captain Planet do?”. Ever since, I’ve been sharing my extra food with a few of my friends. At first I shared a few bananas, and my friend’s reaction was, “Cool! Free food!” The feeling of knowing I was part of the solution for the first time was just indescribable! I wanted everyone to experience this. And voila! The idea of Foodski was born!

What are some of the concerns that people have mentioned about sharing food and how does the app help overcome these?

Even though many people want to, unless their friends or family live near them, they are forced to throw out the extra food, because it is just too awkward, not to mention tiring, going around knocking on everyone’s door asking if they want it. Foodski will solve these problems by seamlessly connecting those who have the extra food to those who want it.

Rumman Islam Foodski

The app is great for food waste, but what other awesomeness have you discovered along the way? 

Getting to know the people of your community! I’ve been living in the same place for the last 2 years, yet I’ve never even spoken to any of my next door neighbours! I forsee my Facebook friends list about to explode in the near future!

Ok, time to make us drool. What dish do you think you’ll personally be putting up on Foodski a lot? What are you hoping other people will cook for you to nab?

I’ve been making a mean spaghetti and meatballs lately (don’t take my word for it, ask my housemate!). I’ll probably be uploading that every day, just for the sake of showing everyone how well I cook (even if it is only that one dish I know how to cook properly)! I’ve been missing my mom’s famous chicken curry lately, so here’s hoping I find someone who cooks as well as her!

Constantly find yourself cooking too much food? Check out our SpoonLed series on what to do with it all. 

Image credits: Pexels, Rumman Islam

Zo Zhou

Zo Zhou

Zo is the National Communications Manager and will basically never shut up about vegetables.

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