March is the end of Australia's tomato season and that only means one thing: passata.

passata: gastr. (di pomodoro) tomato puree, preserve

YFM's Passata Day events were launched in 2012 and became a celebration of produce and the changing of the season. Passata Day was a chance to roll up your sleeves and learn how to turn summer tomatoes into traditional Italian passata to be enjoyed for months to come.

Taking over a Sydney backyard, Passata Day in 2014 was an outdoor tomato transformation extravaganza complete with hands-on passata stations – think chopping, cooking and blending - as well as tutorials on how to make your own pasta at home. At the end of the day, we dished up some freshly prepared handmade pasta for everyone to share. It was tossed through the very passata we made right there on the day, with everyone taking home a bottle of their own tomato sauce.

Photos: Nikki To