A farmer walked into a bar...

In an era where our supermarkets are as close as some of us urban dwellers will get to farm-fresh produce, many young consumers have never been further from knowing where their food comes from.

Meet the Maker is YFM's hugely successful event series which invites some of NSW ’s best producers to share their stories and shed light on our local food system from a farmers perspective, all over a pint at Sydney local.

Originally launched with support from the City of Sydney and the Awesome Foundation, the seasonally focused events aim to tackle the rising disconnect between Australian producers and consumers, and feed Sydney’s increasing interest in the stories behind the producers who grow our food.

Guests are encouraged to use the opportunity to break down stereotypes and pose the short and curly questions, with the aim of increasing Sydney-siders’ understanding of the ins and outs of our local food system and the people who are part of it.

These events are a way of shortening the food chain, and fostering conversations between someone who grows and someone who eats - YFM Director, Joanna Baker

July 2014 saw the launch of Meet the Maker with a potato and pork theme, followed by an egg and dairy theme in November, and a sustainable seafood theme in March 2015 (see the galleries from the events below). Stay tuned for updates on the next themes to come.

Gallery : Potatoes and Pork

Photos: Nikki To

Photos: Nikki To