Set yourself a challenge. Give food waste the flip in 2018.

Over 5 weeks, we’ll help you turn your kitchen into a playground and make every tasty mouthful count.

WHY? Millennials are fixers. And we know a problem when we see it. Give Food Waste the Flip is all about young people walking the talk, getting back in the kitchen and playing with their food. Whether it's with the help of Australia's best sustainable chefs (huge thanks to Ben Shewry, Joost Bakker, Jo Barrett, Matt Stone, Alice in Frames and the Ozharvest crew) or the help of your best mate.

If you know that food waste sucks and you’re up for having a crack at shaking things up, then the challenge is simple. Each week you’ll receive an easy food waste reducing mission delivered straight to your inbox. You’ll get handy tips and tricks, from the likes of Australia's best chefs, on how to start playing in your kitchen and flip food waste for good. This ain’t about being perfect, it's about getting in the game and using your creativity to change the world.

Together we can make food waste history.

How it works:

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