Chiiiiips. Ice cream. Bacon. Most of us understand the obsession with these foods, but they can really get us into trouble if we’re not careful. So before you stuff your face stress-eating mac and cheese, we’ve drooled high and low to find you some healthier snack and meal alternatives. Foods that are super full of fats and sugars are usually the hardest to keep in moderation, so for each of these we’ve found four recipes you can choose from depending on what suits your taste buds and kitchen awesomeness.

Healthy Hot Chips Healthier Snack and Meal Alternatives

Hot Chips

Hot chips are basically a hot mess of teenage drama waiting to unleash hell on our bodies. A large pack of McDonald’s fries contains over 25% of your daily recommended fat intake and 15% of you daily salt intake.

Here are four different ways you can get your potato fix that are not only healthier but may even be tastier!

Lazy Weekday Snack: Sandwich press hash browns – make mounds of grated potatoes, drizzle with a touch of olive oil and salt, and crispen up until deep golden brown and soft in the middle.
Post-Work Snack: Parmesan potato wedges
Motivated Mid Week Meal: Roasted whole potato skins, loaded with spring onions, cheese and yoghurt (or whatever else needs using in the fridge)
Weekend Project: Healthy Mashed Potato

Healthy Bacon and Eggs Healthier Snack and Meal Alternatives

Bacon and Eggs

Whilst eating a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs can actually be an ok source of protein and vitamins, they’re not a daily meal to become accustomed with. A diet high in these foods can impact your body very negatively and lead to spikes in your cholesterol due to being high in sodium and saturated fats.

Lazy Weekday Snack: Scramble up some eggs but use turkey bacon instead. Turkey bacon is lower in both sodium and fat so you can have the same bacony flavour without the bacon regret. Or smoked paprika for a totally vegan option.
Post-Work Snacks : Sweet potato bacon egg muffins
Motivated Mid Week Meals: Smoky sweet potato hash eggs
Weekend Projects: Oven baked frittata

Healthy chocolate bananas Healthier Snack and Meal Alternatives

Ice Cream

If you have a sweet tooth you’d know it’s hard to say no to ice cream in its many glorious forms. Just one serving of vanilla ice cream contains more than 40% of the recommended daily sugar intake for both men and women.

Lazy Weekday Snack: Plain greek yoghurt with your favourite jam
Post-Work Snack: Frozen banana dipped in melted dark chocolate and nuts
Motivated Mid Week Meal: Peanut butter chocolate Froyo
Weekend Project: Chocolate peanut butter banana ice cream

mac and cheese Healthier Snack and Meal Alternatives

Mac and Cheese

Say no to boxed mac and cheese. This should be made into a t-shirt! In one serving of Kraft’s Mac & Cheese you’re facing 72% of your daily recommended sodium intake.

Lazy Weekday Snack: If you must, must, MUST (emphasis on the must) buy a store bought brand of mac & cheese (perhaps the zombie apocalypse has finally happened and you just need to grab whatever you can get your hands on when you ransack the nearest grocery) then find a variety with minimal numbers in the ingredients list. Immediately boost the nutritional value of your quick meal by adding vegetables of your choice. Think broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes (or whatever greens you find on special at the grocery store…don’t be afraid to experiment). Honestly though, there are far better home made alternatives that will not only exceed your boxed mac in nutritional value but also in taste.
Post-Work Snack: Creamy Greek Yoghurt Mac and Cheese 
Motivated Mid Week Meal: Roasted Veges and Mac and Cheese
Weekend Project: Zucchini Noodles with Bacon, Ricotta and Peas

With a little kitchen practice and determination you’ll make your way up the adulting ranks in no time. I believe in you, grasshopper.

Image credit: Bodie Visser

Tian Sisak