Put down the pizza box. Get your cook on and up-skill like a champ at this FREE beginner-friendly kitchen workshop series. Because cooking on a shoestring should be easy as.

To put a little cool back into home cooking, the Youth Food Movement Sydney partnered with Parramatta City Council to launch a FREE pop-up cooking workshop marathon at Granville Youth Centre. On Sunday 12th April, Westside Kitchen saw young people teaching and sharing skills with other young people across 4 different workshops, all developed in collaboration with local cooking experts and food businesses.

Have you ever:

  1. Made yourself a dinner comprised entirely of a banana…wrapped in bread?
  2. Had to ask your mate how many chow mein noodle packets a human can legitimately eat in a day?
  3. Realised the colony of mould you’ve accidentally grown on your leftovers probably makes a valuable contribution to science?

CropFest - People Holding Food

Guests rolled up their sleeves and headed into the kitchen (and garden) to stock up on skills, sweet tips and food smarts to tackle the big food problems facing young people. They learnt how to shop local on a shoestring, make one ingredient last a week of meals, and whip up eggs into, basically, a trillion different dinners – all in a hands-on day. Food was included with tickets, and there were plenty of edible take-aways too.

“If you’re that person that still feels intimidated by toast or think Al Dente is that guy who fixes cars down the road, Westside Kitchen is where it’s at.”

This event was developed in proud partnership with the awesome crew from Parramatta City Council.
This project was a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.

Event sponsors and collaborators 

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