CropFest: Celebrating the whole crop

2014 was the year of ‘wonky’ produce and YFM had a hand in it.

Before Intermarche’s ‘Inglorious fruits and vegetables’ Inglorious fruits and vegetables , Harris Farm’s ‘Imperfect picks’ range and Woolworth’s ‘The Odd bunch’, YFM decked out a space in the heart of Sydney to celebrate the blemished, the bumpy and irregular shaped fresh fruit and veg.

We thought it was about time that wonky produce got the love it deserves. Nature’s grade produce played the leading role in a discussion tent as well as a gamut of cooking workshops run by sustainably minded chefs. Attendees chopped, pickled, boiled and distilled the farmed and the foraged whilst listening to local talent. At the end of it all there wasn’t a leftover in sight because all the extra meals were donated directly to OzHarvest.

Australia's appearance quality standards means an estimated 20-30% of fresh fruit and veg are wasted before it even leaves the farm. And this is happening right around the globe.

The takeaway message: wonky is wholesome, nutritious and tastes friggin’ awesome!