What's a cookluck?

A cookluck is a get-together with a difference. Instead of asking your mates to bring a plate, get them to bring whatever random ingredients that need using in their fridge, and cook up together while you catch up.

Why are they awesome?

    • Catch up, without having to spend a heap
    • Blow your minds with the feast you create, with what everyone’s already got
    • Friend-source awesome new ways to cook
    • Save food being wasted, and create tasty AF solutions to a global problem

What do I need?

All you need is:

    • A kitchen
    • A friend/housemate or few
    • A cooking device (an oven, hob + pan of some kind, sandwich press, or microwave)
    • A few simple staple ingredients (we’ll give you some guidance on this when you sign up)

How to smash it

Sign up and we’ll email you guidance and sweet ideas every step of the way:

    • Gorgeous invites from awesome chefs and cool food people
    • Advice on prep, and what to do when peeps arrive
    • Guidance on deciding what to cook and using even the tiniest of kitchen spaces
    • How-tos on cooking with what you’ve got

Kirsty Cookluck Club

A #cookluckclub from Kirsty in Sydney

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More Questions Answered

We’ll send you some gorgeous invites and ideas from some of our amazing chef friends to get your mates excited and inspired. You’ll also be able to win some sweet stuff for hosting (and your friends do too if they sign up with us!).

When you sign up we’ll give you some guidance on some staples to have around, or themes (like pizza or pasta night) so this isn’t too much of a problem.

Not to worry - the whole point of a cookluck is to show what an epic feast you can make with some of this stuff! When you sign up we’ll provide some beautiful invite banners that showcase some of the beautiful ways you can use all that stuff crying out to be used in your fridge.

No worries - when you sign up we’ll send you some invite text that’s going to set the expectation that a cookluck is for everyone to learn from each other, not one person. If you’re inviting a large group of friends and you’re worried about “too many cooks in the kitchen,” you can break up into mini groups, and each pair is in charge of how they want to create that dish. Eg. in a group of 5 mates, 3 might work on the cooked main, and the other 2 people will take care of the salad or a cold side.

Score! Part of the point of a cookluck is to try new things, and give you and your friends a way to test new stuff out - don’t be afraid to consult Google.

They can bring the drinks, or be part of the cleanup, or the DJ and table setter. Or they can bow out - that’s totally their right too!

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This project received financial support from the NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.