In all the mooing about milk in Australia recently, we’ve barely herd from farmers themselves. So we asked a few different dairy farmers direct for their thoughts on being #milkeddry, and the hype around raw milk (especially the “cold pressed” milk).

From farmers who have gone independent to those who still supply the likes of Murray Goulburn, here’s what they want you to know (#nofilter).

Ruth Kydd, Dairy Farmer from Finley, NSW

“Even if the cold pressed raw milk is pretty expensive (and won’t be consumed widely), as a dairy farmer it was nice to see that people do actually care. If anything it has drawn attention to milk and helped boost consumption, which we appreciate.”

Vanessa Todd, Dairy Farmer from Bodalla, NSW

“Well as it said on the bottle it is cold pressed raw milk. Just incredible brilliant use of words & marketing. [But] getting dairy out there is what is good. Discussion – Talk & more talk.”

country valley john

John Fairley of Country Valley, Dairy Farmer from Picton, NSW

“At Country Valley we appreciate the focus on cheap milk and how that can screw over dairy farmers, but it’s a problem that affects other farmers too. For dairy farmers though, milk companies often encourage over supply to lower prices, and keep shareholders and governments happy. There’s little regulation to protect farmers because govt are often funded/controlled by big companies.”

Farmer Gregie of 4RealMilk, QLD

“People Power is alive and well – and can achieve so much more than we are lead to believe. Individuals need not feel a sense of helplessness – because by making informed decisions, a collective of individuals can indeed save the Aussie farmer…and secure a FRESH FOOD FUTURE for our entire country!!”

Mick Leongatha Dairy Farmer Youth Food Movement

Mick, a Dairy Farmer from Leongatha, VIC

“I am comparing the taste and smell of milk in our vat on farm which has come from our cows within the previous two days. Most people don’t get the chance to smell fresh milk in the vat. It is very nice! I have been told that unpasteurised milk is more easily digested. I have a relative who will attest to this but I don’t know if there is any scientific basis for this. If this is the case then cold pressed milk should be an improvement. Many dairy farmers in Australia are being forced to repay with interest money they have been paid by the two largest processors because they decided that farmers had been paid too much. How that is ethical I don’t know, but if cold pressing means farmers can bypass the large processors and consumers get a quality product then I am all for it!”

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Image credits: Nikki To, Mick.

Zo Zhou

Zo Zhou

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